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Woven Patches

Interesting Benefits of Using Iron Woven Patches

By March 3, 2023March 13th, 2023No Comments4 min read
Iron woven patches

This era is all about innovation. The market is being stormed by new designs and trends and to be honest, it’s hard to catch on! 

As an optimistic fashion enthusiast, you ask a simple question. How do I keep up? 

The answer to the above-asked question surprisingly does not involve spending a lot of money. Ever heard of iron woven patches? Don’t worry if you haven’t. 

Everyone is looking for patches to attach to the clothing they own, simply because they are the most viable option available. Woven patches are taking over the market and dominating traditional patches as they allow for greater flexibility, especially with respect to design.

Woven patches are a garment that can be attached to almost any garment or piece of clothing, such as shirts, bags, jackets, purses, and whatnot. These patches are made from different materials and can easily be attached and removed from your clothing, thus solving your dynamic fashion problem. 

Learn more about Iron Woven Patches

Out of all the different types of patches, the iron woven patch has gained quite the spotlight. This patch is said to be a best-seller due to many reasons. One of those reasons is that it is woven and therefore the attention to detail is better than the other types. 

This thread is sewn in a design that is continuous which leads to the refined quality of colors and shapes. The facility to iron on the patch gives it an even better edge in the market. 

The Benefits Of Iron Woven Patches

  1-  Smoother Finishing

Woven patches, unlike embroidered patches, are flat and give a finessed result. This creates a more refined look and the design also turns out to be professional.

Due to the texture, these patches are also safe from the regular wear and tear that your garments go through and thus last longer than the average embroidered patch. This is because iron woven patches are made from high-quality materials that are built for durability. 

  2-  Added Details

Iron woven patches because of their nature give more room for details to be included while designing them. This is perfect for people who create logos that require attention to the smallest of details. Whether you want to advertise your club, create merch for an organization, or just put the number of your favorite formula one driver on the back of your jacket, everything is available and can be created.

Any detail in the design submitted for weaving is preserved as it is, whereas an embroidered patch or a PVC patch usually loses its quality when it goes over to the manufacturing phase. The idea of woven patches stands for the claim that the method used keeps the quality real. 

  3-  Easy Application

Iron-on patches are the easiest to apply out of all the patches that are currently circling the market. The only thing that is required is a heat source, an iron for example, and all you have to do is simply put the patch on to the area where you would want to attach it and apply heat on it. 

In little to no time, the glue on the patch melts and then attaches to the clothing. There you have it!

  4-  Increased Versatility

The use of these patches is unlimited. They can be used on any piece of clothing without hesitation. These patches can be made out of different materials too including polyester, cotton, or denim whichever one your design is more comfortable with. 

  5-  Greater Affordability

The most influencing factor for decision-making for fashion enthusiasts like us is the price. We all look for achieving the most for the least price and when it comes to these patches, the product offers a very high quality and versatile look at very reasonable prices. 

Adding woven patches to your clothes by yourself is much more affordable than buying premium-priced merch directly from the brands. 

Still In Doubt? We’ll Help!

Do you still want to get experts’ advice on these patches? Like a good neighbor, Master Custom Patches is here. Leave it to us to help you get the best recommendation regarding whatever you have in your mind. 

Our team of very talented and specialized individuals will assist you in the process of turning what’s in your mind into a reality of the closest form. Connect with us so that we can make you stand out from the crowd! 


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