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What is the Best Attachment Method of An Embroidery Patch?

By December 4, 2020August 8th, 2022No Comments3 min read

What is the Best Attachment of An Embroidery Patch?

choosing best attachment of embroidery patches masters custom patches

Personalized patches and emblems punched by embroidery machines are the top choices of every business today. They help small businesses to showcase brands and personality. When it comes to local small vendors, the benefits of using embroidered patches are high like the sky.

People use them to endorse products, promote brands, and even decorate personal stuff. Plus, clubs, sports centers, and organizations buy customized patches in bulk to get identified.

So, this is a win-win situation using specially designed patches for individual or business purposes. This is a more authentic way if you use original designs to get patched.

Placement of an embroidered patch

There are several placements of custom made patches. You can stick on jackets, shirts, jeans, stitch to shirts, glow over the backpacks, or any other area that tickles your fancy.

However, there are different ways to attach embroidery patches entirely depend on the purpose of the buyer. Let’s dig into deep considerable methods for your ease.


One of the questions that come to mind about the patch is durability. Is it a permanent patch or something that can be peeled off? The method of attachment very much depends on what you pick.

How Secure Is It?

There are ways that you can paste custom embroidered patches quickly and remove them rapidly. You can also choose to make it more secure.

Re-attachable patches

If you looking for a patch that can be re-attached to the fabric. Yes, you can do so, but the method of sticking determines how re-attachable it’ll be. Especially if you want to use it on another piece of clothing.

Types of Attachment Methods

The buying journey of a custom patch immediately rise question for attachment type. There are several methods that you can stick on your monogram. Here we conclude each option that could be possible without breaking the bank.

Iron-on Patches 

Now it’s time to think of preferable types of attachment. Heat-sealed iron back custom made patches are easy and quick to stick over the clothing. This type is not very long-lasting though. If you want your to patch to get attached for years, choose another way.

Tape Backing

If you want easily removable and re-attachable patches, Tape backing is the top choice backing of patches. They are the easiest to remove and re-attach.


If you want your embroidery emblem on a biker jacket or school uniform to permanently stuck, go for sewing on patches. It is the oldest way of pacing patch on fabrics.

Button Attachment

A button loop is used over the top of the emblem for this method. When you feel like attaching, simply pass the button on the garment through the loop cut into the patch.

Velcro Patch Attachment

Velcro backed embroidered patches is another useful method. It is equally durable for attaching customized patches. This way of sticking patch Is ideal if you want to re-use your patches,

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