The Secret To Our Exceptional Custom Embroidery Patches

We have a smooth and efficient workflow to design high-quality custom embroidery patches for you. Here is what we pay the most attention to.

  1. Graphics
  2. Thread
  3. Needle Work
  4. Chemical Sheets/Heat Seal

Only a good embroiderer knows the value of graphics files. Every single patch has at least DST, emb, pdf versions of virtuals, that ensure our team matches thread, stitch count, quality preview to the finishing product. Our level 6 digitizers, therefore,  take each punching job as a high-end task.


Like every good embroiderer, Master’s Custom Patches recognizes the value of graphics. Thus, we ensure that every work of art we create has at least one emb, DST, or pdf version of the visuals. This allows us to match the stich count, thread, and produce the final design in a seamless manner.


Since we promise to provide you durable patches, we make sure to use only premium-quality threads. Our factory floor experts know the science behind each thread and are well-versed in its types. Whether you want satin, yarn, or wool, we have got your back!


There is no doubt about the fact that good quality is a result of modern and latest machinery. Therefore, we are quick about upgrading our machines and fixtures, and using the right tools for all the right purposes.

Heat Seal

Our professionals in the heat seal department know how to paste chemical sheets on either side of the patch, so that you can easily iron it onto your bag or jeans!

Custom Embroidered Masters Patches


We require few things to get begin on your order for custom patches

Providing the best quality of the embroidery, leather, and PU to our customers is our foremost concern.


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