Where to get custom pvc patches?

Getting quality PVC patches at an affordable price is a smart choice. First of all, not all the custom patches providers give this facility under one banner. You have to be a little sharp to find the best silicone rubber patches manufacturer near you. Luckily, Master Patches does it all. Alongside other types of custom patches, we have been creating attractive 2D & 3D custom PVC art for years.

Who Sells Pvc Patches No Minimum?

Once again, master’s custom patches are the name you need to know for personalized rubber emblems. You can buy soft rubber silicone patches as minimum as 10 units. You can also brand your product with bulk order at wholesale price.

How much customized Pvc patches cost?

The actual cost of custom 2D rubber patches depends on the quantity and size of your design. For example, nearly 100 rubber keychains/patches under 4 inches may cost you around $200. Meanwhile, the number of colors is also important to decide the pricing

How it works?


Our artists use advanced graphics software to design your logo.

Metal Mold

Our factory staff uses high-quality metal aluminum to engrave molds.

Color Matching

Masters team match Pvc colors to artwork using resign powder, DOP oil.


We use modern machinery to fill in polyvinyl chloride in the mold before the heat procedure.

custom patches online


We require few things to get begin on your order for custom patches

Providing the best quality of the embroidery, leather, and PU to our customers is our foremost concern.


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