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Embroidery Patches

How Embroidery Patch Designs Were Made and It’s Growing Trends

By July 24, 2020January 2nd, 2023No Comments3 min read

Gone are those days when embroidery patch designs were created via hands. Today, the modern types of machines have turned this art into a mass-production industry.

An embroidery path typically known as an embroidery badge in New Jersey is a piece of cloth embroidered over usually sewn on the fabric. While they are also created in other forms like iron-on or Velcro. Similarly, there are also some other types of patches that exist made of Leather or PU.

What Is Polyurethane Leather?

A PU or artificial leather made of thermoplastic polymer used for making furniture or shoes. It’s also called synthetic or fabricated leather. Basically a pseudo leather that is produced with special fabric with no animal skin. It’s a top choice for animal lovers oppose animal use for commercial and luxury item use.

USE: This patch type is the same kind of leather patch typically attached on jeans over the beltline of a back pocket. Some use of furniture and shoes is common for cheap rate manufacturing.

While the best quality leather embroidery patch designs is placed at luxury items like purses and shoes etc. But we need to focus on the best use of the patch, which is undoubtedly is embroidered.

History Of A Patch

Some hundred years back embroidered patches were used as emblems of specific troops or communities. Governments started using them for military personnel.

Those specifically punched designs would pin into officers uniforms. However, the use of embroidery patches among sports teams and volunteer forces is also quite old and endorsed. The finest use of needles would also differ the ranks of officers and as time goes on, they become hallmarks of identification. 

a soldier shows off american flag embroidery made on shoulder

Military soldier’s American flag embroidery patch designs.

Types of Embroidery Patch Designs: 

Hippie Style: using patches both to a denim jacket and your jeans shows hippie styling.

Military Jacket: A patch and the military jacket is one of the trendy fashions of today. Get a fine custom patch on your sleeve or chest, wear an attractive pendant and you are ready to fly.

Heavy Metal Lover: Wearing a bullet belt with a combination of denim vests spread over beautiful embroidery badges is like a game over a metal lover.

A Patch on Jeans: Wear patch on denim jeans is one of the most common ways to be stylish. And think if you are carrying a funky bag with you outside.

On a skirt: An embroidery patch also looks cool on skirts, especially when it is made of denim. The pair fits super cool if you put on a plain bright color tee with it.

Military Jacket: As mentioned earlier, putting a patch on a military jacket is a perfect match. It is like placing it somewhere it is meant to be.

Track Jacket: Placing patches on a track jacket is another trend patch lovers do a lot. It is something patch passion brought to this creativity.

On Sneakers: Outfits are not only the source you can display your beautiful patches. Putting in on sneakers is any type of use of embroidery patches you must consider.

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