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How To Remove Iron-On Patches: A Complete Guide

By January 29, 2023February 11th, 2023No Comments4 min read
How to remove iron on patches

Close your eyes and imagine that you have just found a jacket from the thrift store that is totally worth the fashion hype. The only problem is that it’s full of patches that belong to a motorcycle club. On the other hand, you come across a shirt from your old dresser that has badges of your favorite soccer club all over it. 

Maybe you are thinking of removing these patches because you’ve grown out of that club or simply because you have no connection to that motorcycle club. Sitting down to remove the patches, you may get a bit confused as to how to remove an iron-on patch.

This guide will help you decide between different ways to remove an iron-on patch and guide you through whichever way you choose. 

Before you begin, make sure all the necessary precautions are taken. You may be dealing with heat, cold or chemicals and we’re pretty sure you would like to stay safe and keep your clothing clean. 

Best 3 Ways To Remove Iron On Patches

Method 1: Using An Iron

The easiest and most common method for removing the patch is by using an iron. The only risk attached to this method is whether the fabric can be ironed. Otherwise, the patch may melt or get ruined. 

Before you begin, find out the fabric type. Denim can withstand high levels of heat, while leather needs a lower level of heat setting.

Step 1: Setting it up 

Start by laying out the cloth on the ironing board and raising the heat to the level that suits your fabric the most. Next, find a pressing cloth (a piece of wax paper would also work) and lay it over the top of the badge.

Step 2: Working The Iron

Gently press the iron onto the pressing cloth or any other cloth for a time of fifteen seconds and take it off. You would now need a pair of tweezers or any other tool to try and pick the patch of the cloth. Does it come off?

If it comes off, good for you! Otherwise, you might want to repeat the process until the glue behind the patch melts and forces it to come off. 

Method 2: Freezing The Patch Off

Another way to remove an iron-on patch is to freeze the piece of clothing to which the patch is attached. The lowest temperatures can lead to the adhesive on the back getting hard and making it easy to tug the patch off.

Step 1: Putting The Cloth Into The Freezer

Place the cloth you want the badge to be removed into the freezer. This usually requires two to three hours, but an overnight chill will also work! 

Step 2: Removing The Patch

Now you need a flat working spoon and a knife. Note that a knife is not preferred as it may damage the fabric beneath the patch. Remove the patch from the freezer and set it to work immediately.

Try and push the spoon from the edge into the center of the patch, the cold temperature would have made the glue hard and easy for the spoon to break through. Remove the patch carefully by moving the spoon throughout the patch until all of it comes off. 

Method 3: Using a Glue Remover

If nothing else works, a glue remover can also be used for the job. Commercial glue removal can be used to remove a stubborn patch that may not go off from using the methods mentioned above. 

You can now use a glue remover to get the job done because it also helps in removing the leftover adhesive that is there on your clothes once the patch is removed.

Using the product gets easier as the instructions are written clearly on the back of the packaging and are easy for everyone to understand. It usually tells you to get the shirt inside out and apply the remover to the opposite side of the fabric where the patch is placed. 

Congratulations, you must now have removed the iron-on patch all by yourself. Take a minute, and let it sink in. After all, you’ve done it by yourself!


There may be a few more ways that can help you accomplish your goal of removing an iron-on patch from your clothes. We have laid out the methods that are most efficient and give guaranteed results and we are confident that these methods will not disappoint you. 

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