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How to Apply Iron On Custom Embroidery Patch

By August 11, 2020January 5th, 2023No Comments2 min read

How To Use An Iron On Patch Onto the Garment

Custom patches are widely adorable around the United States. the main reason why people love them is their strong bonding with fashion. When it comes to embroidery, they are more in trending comparing to leather, PVC, and metal.

Masters Custom Patches create a wide variety of custom made embroidery patch on demand.

ironing custom embroidery patch

Ironing On A Patch

Iron on patches are a top pick for the soldier uniforms, ripped garments and jeans. They look pretty and easy to paste with heat iron.

Apart from being easy to apply. embroidery patches that stick with heat iron have a special heat-activated backrest. This dried glue helps iron on patch pasted to the fabric.

MCP has the finest track record of manufacturing iron on custom embroidery patches. We offer various types of custom embroidery emblem regardless of shape, color quantity, and size.

Best Fabric for Iron On Patches

Heat seal or iron on patches usually works best on a more robust texture. Fabric like polyester blends and strong cotton turn out the best result for an embroidery patch. All-time favorite fabric Denim is also a top choice for using a heat seal embroidery patch.

Iron On Patch Instructions

being the top brass in custom patches range, users still confuse how to put heat seal iron on patches on favorite clothing. Remember, follow given instructions while pasting heat seal emblems.

Make sure special care in chemical fabric like synthetic.

  • Keep enough space-time & pressure
  • Maintain fine temperature to avoid fabric damage
  • Use a parchment in the garment for application.
  • Cover the symbol with wax paper
  • Press 40 PSI foam under the fabric
  • Keep the foam for around 18 seconds

Now that your textile is firmly fixed to your material, you need to be sure that the garment is washed with cool water.

Masters Custom Patches would be more than pleased to create your iron-on patches.

We are offering a money-back guarantee if you are actual design is not up to the mark. You can contact us right away to begin.