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Choosing The Right Border For Custom Patches And Pins

By December 10, 2022December 11th, 2022No Comments4 min read
custom patches and pins

Are you in the middle of designing your own custom patches and pins?

Believe us when we say that this would be a fun way for you to show the world your originality! By the end, you would have personalized your items without paying a great deal. To us, that seems like the perfect deal!

Look around and find the perfect artwork, and then do your research and figure out what kind of material and backing you want for the patch. Done with these steps already? Great!

But hold on, the process isn’t complete yet! There is another step that you might be overlooking, and that is borders!

If your patch is a painting, then your borders are the frame; that is why you must get this part right! So don’t ignore this step; instead, consider the advice that we have compiled for you and create the patch of your dreams.

Selecting The Perfect Border For Your Custom Patches And Pins

Let’s get started by making you familiar with the most common types of borders for custom patches and pins.

Merrowed Border

No, this merrow has nothing to do with a mermaid. But instead, this style of stitching is named after the Merrow sewing machine, which was the first type of sewing machine to promote the overlock stitch. The overlock stitch creates a wrapped thread border that is two to four millimeters wide around the edge of the patch.

Merrowed Borders

Hot Cut Borders

These borders, which go by the names “heat-cut” or “laser-cut,” are a more recent design. In this technique, a hot knife or laser is used to cut out the design around the edges with precision.

Making Your Patch Stand Out

When creating your custom patches and pins with merrowed patches, the edges of your design are hemmed with a thread, making the patch more defined. This ensures that your beautiful design stands out when you attach it to any object.

Even with hot-cut borders, you can add some definition to your patch by using a contrasting color on the edge of the design. But for more pronounced edges, use a merrowed patch because then you will have thickness, texture, and color enhancing the edges.

On the flip side, some people want their patches to blend into the material they are attaching them to. This gives a more elegant look to the outfit. If that is your goal too, then get hot-cut patches.

The Shape Of Your Design

Do you want a classic, solid shape like a circle, rectangle, etc. for your patch? In that case, merrowed patches are ideal for you.

But if you have selected a very intricate shape for your patch, then having the edges stitched might not be possible. Or even if you end up doing it, it may look tacky. But you don’t have to change your design!

For these unique pieces, you can go for hot-cut borders so that all the edges can be cut out perfectly!


With merrowed borders, the edges are sturdier since they are secured with thread. Therefore, if you are planning to use the patch for a fabric that will be washed regularly like a uniform or jacket, then use a merrowed patch.

Even hot-cut patches offer some durability. Hot-cut patches don’t just involve cutting; to prevent the twill that is left on the patch’s exterior from deteriorating, the edges are heated, creating a seal that resembles wax on the corners. But the chances of the design fraying are still higher when you use hot-cut patches.

The Vibe You Want

Merrowed borders are a classic. We have been using them since the days of the American Civil War. That is why most uniforms to date have featured patches with such borders. If you want to add that vintage look to your jackets and shirts, then go for the merrowed border. This fun, old-school vibe goes really well when you use embroidery patches with denim pieces.


This will vary according to the design of your patch. In case the shape is too intricate, it will take more time to make precise cuts, making hot cutting a pricey option. But if it is a simple shape, then merrowed stitching takes more time than cutting around the edges and creating merrowed borders will be more expensive.

Master’s Custom Patches Creates The Custom Patches Of Your Dreams!

Hopefully, you will understand that we can’t tell you which one to pick. Instead, you must decide on the border based on your needs and after weighing the pros and cons of the two options.

But we can offer you all kinds of customization, including both of these border types. At Master’s Custom Patches, there are many different materials to choose from, including printed and embroidery patches. Our backing options include everything from velcro-backed patches to custom iron-on patches.

Rest assured, Master’s Custom Patches has the know-how and technology to complete these creative tasks. Regardless of the border style you ultimately decide on, our talented team will try their best to make your artistic vision a reality!

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