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Discover the Hidden Meanings Behind Sons of Anarchy Patches

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sons of anarchy patches

If you are here, then you have probably heard a Sons of Anarchy fan go on and on about the awarding of patches on the show. Or, you have just started watching the show, and it’s hard for you to keep up with these details about patches and ranks.

Well, allow us to break it down for you.

What Are The Sons Of Anarchy Patches?

The final episode of the venerable criminal show Sons of Anarchy aired eight years ago. This fictional series, which is a favorite among motorcycle enthusiasts, is about a motorcycle gang named the Sons of Anarchy that is involved in gun trade. This series has it all for crime-drama lovers, from brotherhood and loyalty to betrayal and vigilantism. So it remains iconic even after all these years. From a costume perspective, the creators did a fantastic job. The leather vests and jackets were every biker’s fantasy come true. But the embroidery patches on Sons of Anarchy, that adorned their items were its best part.

What purpose do the patches mean in sons of anarchy?

The real meaning of these patches are, each member received a patch that indicated their position within the club or organization. So, the patches not only enhanced the aesthetics but also revealed the power dynamics of the group.

Are you now curious about these patches and their meanings? Read along to find out the meanings behind some of the most iconic patches on the show.

The Sons of Anarchy Patches

1.  First 9 Patch

It’s only fitting that we start with the OGs. The First 9 are the original nine members of this club, including its two co-founders, John Teller and Piermont Winston. They were war veterans who started the club to recapture the sense of camaraderie they experienced in Vietnam.

Only one of the nine was still alive by the series finale, and the others all had violent deaths either before or during the show’s events. Spoiler alert!

2.  President Patch

You might have thought that a club of outlaws would be run chaotically. That is true to some extent, but this club has a leadership hierarchy in place, as showcased by the patches.

There is a President who is the leader of the club and his word is the law for all the members. Throughout the six seasons, we see this patch pass from one president to the next.

Interestingly, Clay Morrow, who was the President for a long time, was also a First 9 member, so we see him wearing both patches.

3.  Vice President Patch

Like any other Vice President, the VP of Sons of Anarchy is the second-in-command and thus, fills in for the President in his absence.

4.  Sergeant-at-Arms Patch

As the President’s right-hand man, he sits directly across from the VP, and his job involves disciplining all the members. This patch not only represents the Sergeant’s tough personality but, also his loyalty to the president, as he is the last line of defense between the President and any threat.

5.  Secretary Patch

For all the drama and adrenaline rush, SMARCO was run pretty much like other organizations, with a secretary being responsible for the club’s money and spending.

Talk about a more well-organized outlaw club!

6.  Road Captain Patch

Even the outlaws need some coordination, and on that front, they have the Road Captain. The wearer of this patch is responsible for deciding the routes that the members should take when riding as a group and making sure that everyone is safe.

7.  Men of Mayhem Patch

This is the part where the violence and brotherhood come in.

The Men of Mayhem patch is awarded to those members who have killed for the group’s honor or have otherwise done something invaluable for their brothers. That is right, you have to prove your worth to earn this rank, and once you have it, your place in the gang is solidified.

8.  Prospect Patch

Now, this club is very selective about who gets in. There is a whole process, and not everyone makes the cut at the end. Anyone who wishes to be a member has to serve the club for one full year as a prospect.

Wearing this prospect patch doesn’t bring the same privileges as a full member, but they can be assigned any menial or even dangerous tasks. Their fate is decided at the end of the year when the full members vote on whether the prospect should be dismissed or join their ranks.

sons of anarchy patches

Example: patch design for sons of anarchy logo

Unholy Ones Patch 

Members who have shed blood for the brotherhood’s defense are given this patch.

What does the unholy patch mean?

The unholy patches are only awarded to those members who are willing to fight till death to serve the purpose of their club. These patches have the highest value and respect among the team members. 

If you are still confused about this, then please know that you aren’t alone. In fact, this is an ongoing debate between Sons of Anarchy fans.

Honorary Mentions

All the other patches had to be earned and featured on particular characters, but some patches were worn by most characters on the show.

–  Sons of Anarchy Patch 

Most characters have this name on their jackets because it is the name of the club and the show.

–  Redwood Original Patch 

The Redwood Originals are the original Sons of Anarchy club or founding chapter. This patch is handed to each and every SOA member in this chapter.

–  Charming Patch

Charming is the name of the fictional town in California where this show is set, so a lot of characters on the show wear this patch.

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