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Unexpected Ways You Can Use Custom Embroidered Patches In

By December 14, 2022April 2nd, 2023No Comments4 min read
custom embroidered patches

What springs to mind when you hear the mention of custom embroidered patches?

Most people would think about the military, school, or government uniforms, and rightly so. After all, it is how embroidered patches were first used. But you should know that these patches are incredibly versatile and, when used creatively, can add a little personality to almost anything.

Want to know how to get the most out of these patches and showcase your creativity? Then keep reading!

Have Some Fun With Embroidered Custom Patches

1.  DIY Keychains

Keychains are such a staple in our daily lives, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Focusing on this tiny detail can reveal your interests to those around you. Remember, it is always in the details!

Just visit Pinterest or YouTube, and you will find tons of inspiration for a cute keychain. You just have to buy a key ring, and then you can attach it to your design after punching a hole in the patch. This is an easy, affordable, and fun DIY project!

This can also be a great trick for you to reuse your old patches. Do you have your old girl scout uniform badges? You can keep that memorabilia close to you by turning the patch into a keychain and carrying it everywhere with pride.

2.  Phone Cases

Love taking mirror selfies? Take your selfie game up a notch by decorating the back of your phone with a custom embroidered patch.

The embroidery will give it a nice 3D texture. And since such cases are not readily available in the market, you will have the most unique phone cover amongst your friends.

Just see that the patch has a plastic backing or sticker backing so that it easily sticks to the back of your plastic or silicone phone case.

3.  Old Denim

It’s your favorite, most comfortable pair of jeans, but it has a hole in it. A ripped pair of jeans sits in your closet, but now you are just not into that style so much. Or maybe there is no hole, but the style has just started to feel a bit boring.

You don’t have to donate it just yet. But instead, patch it up with a custom design and give it new life. Denim is the perfect canvas for embroidered patches, and in this way, you can make quite a style statement without spending much money.

4.  Bags

This is another everyday item that you can upgrade through custom embroidered patches. Customized bags are all the rage these days. High-end designer labels will charge you a hefty sum for personalizing the bag design with such patches. But you can totally do this on your own with any regular bag.

Bonus tip: If you are a traveler, then add patches to your backpack representing your different travel destinations and showcase your passion for traveling to the world.

5.  Footwear

When it comes to personalizing your footwear, most people would opt for hand-painting their shoes. But embroidered patches offer a more convenient and flexible solution. This hack will work specially well with causal shoes, as you can use a bunch of different colors to make your footwear stand out. Mostly high-end brands give the option to customize the designs, but with these patches, everyone can get their hands on things that are exclusively theirs.

You may have noticed that using custom embroidered patches for clothes and footwear increases their lifespan. You end up saving money while also reducing your carbon footprint. So kudos to you if you are choosing this sustainable fashion approach!

6.  Notebook

Having cute stationery may increase your motivation to attend classes or at least help with your Instagram stories. You can also create a bookmark by attaching the patch to a string. Bonus points if you can decorate your backpack and notebooks in the same color scheme and create a unique theme.

7.  Promoting Small Businesses

Don’t limit the use of this versatile product to your personal belongings; instead, use these patches as a promotional tool. Give your customer a tote bag or a hat bearing your business logo on custom embroidered patches. They will use it later and hence remember your business, and wherever they take it, people will notice your logo. Happy customers and free promotions? That sounds like a win-win to us!

Master’s Custom Patches At Your Service!

Perhaps the best thing about these patches is that nothing has to go to waste. If you are bored with using it in the same way, you can always switch to another. We guarantee that all of these projects are DIY-able and a lot of fun to pull off. If you have the time and skill, you can also create custom embroidered patches on your own.

Alternatively, you can order these custom embroidered patches online from Master Custom Patches. Simply provide us the graphic’s image and other requirements, and we’ll make the patch for you. This way, we can perform laborious tasks with our cutting-edge technology and expertise, while you can be the creative force.


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