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What Are Motorcycle Vest Patches Rules?

By March 10, 2023March 13th, 2023No Comments5 min read
motorcycle vest patches rules

Do you know how bikers love to show off their membership in their club?

Well, they do that by wearing patches on their vests. These patches not only look cool and show off what makes them unique as motorcyclists, but they’re also important for identifying who’s part of the club.

Your group gets their own customized patches, with different meanings and styles. But what goes into making these patches? Typically, you will find patches of thick cotton or denim, so they can stand up to all sorts of weather.

While some patches are simple and easy to sew on, others are more complex and require a lot of embroidery work.

If you’re interested in learning more about motorcycle vest patches and how to wear them, let’s dive in!

The Best Way to Get a Motorcycle Vest Patch

Your patch must be earned to join the motorcycle club. So, to receive your patch, you must complete a rigorous membership process involving participating in particular activities.

In contrast, you can purchase or create your personalized patch at other riding clubs. Additionally, the majority of bikers wear one- or two-piece patches.

Today’s market offers a wide variety of biker patches, including the following.

– Club Patches

Want to be a part of a club?

Why don’t you get a club patch? This can represent your favorite football team or the local Girl/Boy Scouts!

– Personalized Patches for the Military

Are you an army personnel looking to show off your personality? Get personalized military patches to demonstrate your commitment to the nation.

– Brand Patches

What’s better than a Harley-Davidson patch? Recognize the particular model of your bike and get brand-specific patches.

– One-Piece Patch

You know how bikers wear those cool patches on the back of their jackets or vests? Well, if you’re a member of a certain club, use one of those patches to show off your support for your club.

– Three-Piece Patch

Get your three distinct patches representing your club’s name, logo, and location.

– Activity Patches

Are you attending any bike rally soon? Complete specific tasks and get awarded with the activity biker patches to celebrate your victory.

– Outlaw Motorcycle Patches

Did you know that some biker gangs use patches to hint at their members’ involvement in illegal activities? They might wear a patch that says “Number 13” to suggest they’ve done some shady stuff.

Rules For Motorcycle Vest Patches

Patches explain things about club cards; therefore, being discovered wearing the wrong one can be seen as disrespectful. That is why there are many restrictions on wearing motorcycle patches.

Here are the rules that you can follow.

1. Earn Your Club Patches

According to one important rule, you must remember you should only wear MC patches if you have earned them. Every motorcycle club member is proud to be a part of their group hence, keeping their loyalty.

The rigorous screening procedure you must pass through to join the club accounts for this pride. Based on the friendship and extensive distance traveled by club members collectively, there is a strong sense of commitment to that organization.

So, before deciding whether to wear a patch, confirm with your local COC or Motorcycle Rights organization.

2. Wear Your Own Club Patches

Patches frequently give rise to superstitious ideas and serve as a personal remembrance of one’s motorcycle life story.

Numerous lifers (MC members for life) wear their titles with pride until they reach the final stop sign in the heavens, and many of them request to be buried in their vests.

Patches signify a biker’s club membership, veteran status, and a sense of fraternity with fellow riders. Proud members don’t want unauthorized individuals handling their priceless insignia.

3. MC Patches On Vest

Club patches should only be worn on the proper apparel, whether it’s a legitimate MC club. Wearing an MC patch on your vest or jacket is the only acceptable way to do it.

4. Take Off Your Patches On Request

You should now recognize that patches are much more than just a scrap of fabric and some colorful thread by this point. The patch might represent a life’s worth of friendship, happiness, and significance to the biker.

You can get questioned about your patches by a motorcycle club member. If you are, keep your composure and speak with them. You’ll learn what to avoid by doing this and end up on good terms with the club and the members.

5. Pay Respect To Veteran Patches

Individual patches that show the specifics of their service are worn by people who have served in the military. As a result of veteran culture being one of the main tenets of biker life, these patches are revered by all.

A serious offense will be considered to be any disrespect for veteran patches. Wearing such a patch if you have never served is highly disrespectful, as should be obvious.

No matter if they are a club member or not, every rider must abide by this rule.

6. Avoid Wearing Outlaw Patches

Motorcycle clubs used the term “outlaw” to describe riders who were not AMA members. These outlaw clubs are usually declared as unofficial MCs.

Nowadays, the term “outlaw club” refers to a group acting outside social conventions and regulations.

This is a far more broad definition than it once was. These organizations are occasionally referred to as “one-percenters. You may tell yourself to belong to such a club by wearing an outlaw or 1%er patch.

Wearing such patches if you’re not a member can be risky for various reasons. Police officers will initially view you suspiciously.

You’ll probably clarify the error to law enforcement officials now. However, it’s not guaranteed that club members will notice you.

You risk being identified as a fake or a member of a competing organization if real one-percenters notice you wearing their patch.

Ready to Order Your Patches?

Who wants to get into fights or cause trouble?

The best way to avoid that is by not wearing club patches you haven’t earned yet. And if you’re going to wear patches, you better make sure you have an awesome vest to show them off.

Speaking of vests, you should check out Master Custom’s offer to get one that fits perfectly. From embroidered patches to simple patches, they offer a variety. But remember, always follow the rules and enjoy the ride!


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