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How To Make PVC Patches Yourself In Simple Steps

By January 30, 2023March 21st, 2023No Comments5 min read
How To Make PVC Patches

Did you hear about the new type of patches that have taken over the market? They’re awesome! PVC is replacing all traditional patches on clothing such as uniforms, jackets, bags, and whatnot. 

What makes them better than normal traditional patches is their material. PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride is a synthetic plastic polymer and is easily cleanable, flexible, light as a feather, and most importantly long-lasting. 

PVC patches are trending in the market helping people boost their game and increasing the authenticity of brands. The only thing limiting these custom patches is the imagination of the one making them!

So how do you get PVC patches made while sitting at home? Stick around to find out how to design your own patches and have them delivered to you at the earliest!

How To Make PVC Patches

Design Your Own Patch

The only part that requires your input is the design of the PVC patch. These patches can be designed in any shape, color, and size depending on the owner’s preference. Here are some of the factors to keep in mind when designing your own PVC custom patch at home.

Shape of a Patch

The patch can be of any dimensions that you want. Make them as your imagination allows you to. In these modern times, making your custom PVC patch in 3D is also becoming a trend. 

Patch Size

Ranging from half an inch to over fifteen inches, the size of PVC patches also knows no limits. Standard sizes of flags are three by two inches whereas round patches are normally four inches in diameter. Then again, it can be as large as you want as long as it is lesser than the total fabric!

Type Of Backing

There are several options of backing that you can use for your custom PVC patch. These include the following.

And many more that will be available on our website!

Requesting A Quote From The Website

Once you are done with the design, you can send it over to us so that we can estimate how much it is going to cost you to make your own custom PVC patch

The quote can be requested through e-mail free of cost. We will make sure to get you the quote that will be the most budget-friendly without compromising on the quantity. 

Approving The PVC Design

After receiving the design from your end, our skilled team members will get started on digitalizing your patch so that it could be sent over to the printer. Once the design is completed, you will be asked via e-mail to approve the patch that we have digitalized and provide feedback. The patch moves on to the production phase once you have approved it.

Production Of DIY PVC Patches

Once everything is finalized, we prepare the diy pvc patches exactly as you imagined. 

  • The process begins with the making of a metal mold designed on CAD software and engraved by a CNC engraving machine. 
  • The molds are made customized according to every customer and polished off so that the patches don’t have any rough edges when they are printed.
  • Moving on, a liquid PVC is poured into the mold for the first layer. Once it is dried by baking, the next layers come up. 
  • When all the layers are added, the patch is covered with the base layer and is baked to dry off. The baking process is important because it allows the colors to be solid and not mix with each other when more layers are added.  
  • Finally, the last stage involves attaching the backing to the PVC patch. The purpose of backing is to allow the patch to be attached to the cloth. This is a part where we would need your help. You would just have to apply the adhesive and the patch will be ready to make your clothing stand out. 

The type of backing is also your choice. If you intend to attach the patch permanently, then it would be best for you to make the backing adhesive so that it sticks once and for all. Whereas if you want to go for on and off, then Velcro patches would be beneficial as it is easy to take off and stick back.

Looking At a Sample Of Your PVC Patch

As we make patches in larger quantities, the order must be perfect before we move it onto the printing phase. Therefore, we will send you a sample for final confirmation and will send it to print as soon as you approve the sample

Receive Your Custom PVC Patch

It normally takes up to a week or two for PVC patches to be produced and polished.  We want you to look forward to delivery somewhere around this time. There are also no shipping charges involved, making it much easier for customers around the world to get their patches delivered. 

So, When Will You Make Your First PVC Patch?

By now, you know all the basics of making your own PVC patch. Quite easy, isn’t it? Of course. But in case the result is not how you expect it or if you want somebody else to take on the hassle of making PVC patches for you, look no further!

Contact Masters Custom Patches and check this task off your to-do list. From designing to delivering, we will take care of everything for you. We are the masters after all!    


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